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4 signs that show the end of a relationship


4 signs that show the end of a relationship

Golden diamond escorts can predict whether a couple will break up with an accuracy of 91% by listening to just 5 minutes of a conversation.

Escorts have been “studying” human relationships for more than 40 years and dispel myths about love affairs and explain why many of them eventually dissolve.

According to greek escorts, the 4 main signs that accurately predict whether a couple will soon be divorced are:

1. Strict criticism

Complaints are constructive in a relationship and help to identify and then address possible incompatibilities. Criticism, however, is more general, and the attack is about the individual himself, not his behaviour.

2. Contempt

Descriptions, sarcastic comments, grimaces and aggressive humour are the “poison” of the relationship because they stem from aversion. It is impossible to resolve differences and disagreements between a couple if one of the two has such feelings.

3. Defensive attitude

Defensive attitude shows that one of the two partners considers the other responsible for a relationship problem. In this way, the differences are exacerbated.

4. Cold attitude

Disengagement is not only physical, but also emotional. The person is literally and figuratively removed from the relationship and the problems that exist in it.

How does our body experience the end of a relationship?

Black circles under the eyes, insomnia, fatigue, bad mood and no sex… Typical scenes from a romantic movie but also from real life…

Separation involves not only intense emotional reactions but also biological changes that do not even cross your mind.

A study published earlier in the Journal of Neurophysiology had shown that when we look at a picture of an ex-partner shortly after separation, the pain control centres in the brain are activated. This is because the neural pathways of physical pain and emotional stress are common to the brain. In other words, the brain perceives separation as a truly painful experience.

At the same time, a drop in the levels of two beneficial chemicals, dopamine and oxytocin, and a steady increase in “stress hormone” (cortisol) levels can lead to a combination of weight gain, sleep disturbance and lack of concentration.

The body reacts to separation as to intense stress. For example, people with asthma are more likely to have seizures, and those with sensitive stomachs are more likely to have abdominal cramps and lose their appetite.

The catastrophic mistake that destroys love affairs…

A terribly childish but common habit of couples can prove disastrous for the relationship and scientists confirm it!

It’s about how the couple is dealing with a quarrel or a disagreement, whether it’s a trivial matter or a more serious issue.

Both men and women often move away and become cold when conflicts arise. According to a new study published in the journal Communication Monographs, the so-called “game of silence” often follows a pattern of demand / withdrawal, i.e one of the two partners demands, criticizes or complains while the other withdraws passively and defensively.

Analysing 74 previous studies on this phenomenon, the researchers were able to better understand what happens in the relationship when this habit enters the lives of couples for good.

The results were frightening. The researchers found that the pattern of demand / withdrawal is extremely common and affects the person both psychologically and physically. This tactic seemed to be linked to increased stress, depression, increased chances of separation and divorce, and physical violence. The negative effect is noticeable regardless of which of the two sexes attacks and which remains passive.

Resolving any disagreement clearly requires maturity, composure and constructive discussion, so that both sides can express their objections and finally find a middle ground.

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Summer 2020 makeup trends


Summer 2020 makeup trends

Summer is almost here and as always, we need to be stylish in our vacation. No matter the destination, a woman needs to feel good with her makeup, so she draws inspiration from the current makeup trends. In our website, we have prepared a list with the most popular summer 2020 makeup trends, which will for sure amaze you.

Top 5 summer 2020 makeup trends

Smokey eyes

The most classic yet impressive makeup trend of all times, is back for this year’s summer. Use darker shadows to intensify your eyes and steal the show. Either for an event, or for a dinner, smokey eyes are an all-time favourite makeup look, and it will never fail you.

Floating eyeliner

The classic eyeliner is off this season, as it is replaces by floating liner. To steal the look, extend the eye liner creating a sharp edge and then connect it to your eyelid. You can go as extra as you like, by creating magnificent shapes.


Glitter could not be off the summer 2020 makeup trends, as it is a great option for those attending concerts and summer festivals. Wear it as an eyeshadow or by using stencils to create shapes not only on your face but your body too.

Glowy face

The most surprising trend of summer 2020 is the glowy face. Forget about matte foundations, shadows and lipsticks. This summer is all about natural glow. Your face will wear only your creams and a dash of concealer. Bare faces will have their own natural glow and be lighter during the summer heat. This summer’s motto is “enhance your natural beauty”.

Watercolour shadow

This spring and summer, watercolour shadow is a must. Create little masterpieces of colour on your lids and get creative. create ombre looks or combine more than two colours and create mini rainbows on your eyes. We are certain that you will perfect your blending techniques trying this makeup trend. You won’t regret it!

Overview for summer 2020 makeup trends

Whatever look you will choose, we are sure that you are going to have fun with it, as it is summertime and nothing can ruin your vacation. You can try the more sophisticated trends such as the floating liner and the watercolour shadow, or keep it more simple with the smokey eyes and the glowy face.

5 tips on how to maintain a relationship


5 tips on how to maintain a relationship

Sometimes it is hard to maintain a relationship with your partner, family or your friends. Especially when it comes to younger people, a relationship may be tricky, as they are not mature enough or they do not have many experiences with human relationships.

We are here today, to provide you with some tips regarding the right ways to keep up with your relationship and try not to be absolute or create a big deal out of things that are not important. Keep reading our blog to find out more about relationships.

Tips on maintaining a relationship

First of all, you need to be sincere. No relationship can go on if one of the participants is not sincere. One of the most harmful acts to perform in a relationship is to lie. Lying will ruin the trust that exists between the members of the relationship. Another big deal is to not keep secrets from your partner.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with your partner. Every person is different and has a character and feelings. It is normal to disagree with your partner and friends. Try to express your opinion in a nice way and never offend your partner or use violence. Arguing will lead to many beautiful things, as you will resolve your issues.

Communication between the two sides is everything. This is one of the most important tips we could give you. Let your partner know which actions they perform are annoying and which you like. This will help you avoid any future agreements, as when you are clear with your partner, you won’t have any reason to burst and start a fight.

Spending quality time together instead of long hours doing nothing. Make sure to be there for your partner. Sitting on your phone while you are out on a date or even at home, and not paying attention to them is a big mistake.

Be yourself. Nothing is better than being yourself and showing your true colours to your partner. Trying to change in order to look like someone else, will harm you instead of having a benefit for the relationship. Always create a healthy base to your relationships and don’t star with lies.


In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you don’t really need a handbook. The tips for maintaining a healthy relationship that you read in our page can be helpful, but remember to always be yourself and don’t change your character for anyone.